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your turn


“Your Turn” selects the next person or object from a group.  It maintains an even distribution of selections, so for each round all persons are selected.  Some feature include:

  1. Maintains a complete history of all selections

  2. Create any number of groups, tracks them all

  3. Create any number of categories

  4. Organize the groups into categories

  5. Any number of members can be added to the group

  6. E-Mail the transaction history

  7. Select the next member sequentially or randomly

  8. Easily select existing members for new groups

  9. Edit the groups, categories and names

  10. Override the selection, and allow a member to “pay forward”

  11. Excuse members from being selected

  12. See the status of any member

  13. Know instantly who pay's and who does not

  14. Nice animation for the random selection

  15. Randomly select either 'Unselected' or 'Any' member



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